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Try Unique Whisky
The world of whisky is ever expanding.  Yet most of the exciting whisky will never make it to Bakersfield.  We believe that Bakersfield deserves good whisky too!  Thats why each event features 5 or more unique whiskies for you to try.
Join Our Community
Our members tell us the best part of the society is making new friends and exploring new venues in town.  We love to partner with local Bakersfield establishments to bring you the best of Bakersfield and love making new whisky friends.
Learn From Experts
Whisky can be intimidating.  Thats why we believe in education.  Not stuffy stuck in a class education, but education from whisky experts.  So come, drink unique whiskies, ask questions of brand ambasadors, and meet some of the leading names in whisky.
How the Bakersfield Society Works
Become a Member
The only requirement for membership is a desire to drink whisky.  There are no monthly dues or subscriptions.  As a member you get notified of our upcoming Masterclasses before the general public.  And you can get a T-Shirt too!
Attend a Masterclass
A Masterclass is where the fun takes place.  Several times a year we hold intimate masterclasses of around 40 people.   There is small fee for these  events and are a chance to connect and learn about whisky.
Drink Confidently
Armed with your new found knowledge of whisky, you will be ready to order and shop for whisky with confidence.  Impress your friends and yourself with whisky wisdom.   You will know what you like and why you like it.
What People are Saying about the Bakersfield Whisky Society
I love being with great people and learning about whisky.  It's a chance to get out and taste whisky that we normally do not get a chance to try.

Mark D.
The Bakersfield Whisky Society gives me a chance to drink whisky that you usually can't find elsewhere.  If you are thinking about attending a masterclass, do it!

I have a lot of fun, get to drink a wide variety of whisky that I can't afford on my own, make new friends, and learn what I like and why I like it.

Dana Y.
About The Bakersfield Whisky Society
At The Bakersfield Whisky Society, we know you want to be a whisky expert. In order to do that, you need to drink and learn about whisky. The problem is whisky can be intimating, and that often leaves you feeling confused and frustrated.  

We believe it should be fun and easy to learn about whisky. Just like you, we love whisky!  Which is why we are committed to brining the best whisky educators to Bakersfield. Here’s how it works. First become a member, then attend an whisky masterclass, lastly, drink with confidence. 
To get started, become a member today, so you can stop drinking bad whisky & instead, enjoy knowing what you like and why you like it.

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