Whisky Masterclass: Featuring Balcones Texas Whiskey
Find your Whisky, Make New Friends, And have a good time...
April 2nd- Bakersfield Petroleum Club- 6:30pm - 9:00pm

Petroleum Club Membership NOT Required - Room Sponsored by The Marcom Group

What You Get at a Bakersfield Whisky Society Masterclass
  • Appetizers: Munchies and food - $18.75
  • A Welcome Drink: We always start your evening with a welcome drink! - $12.95
  • Whisky Education: World class brand ambassadors $75
  • Whisky Samples:  5-7 sample pours $50
  • Custom Tasting Mat: Know what you are drinking with our custom mats $4.95
  • Invite to our Private Facebook Community: $25
  • New Friends to Drink Whisky With: Priceless!
  • Knowing what you like and why you like it: Also Priceless!
Total Value $186.65 - Only $54.95
Attend The Bakersifled whisky society
April 2nd 2020 Masterclass
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The Pour List:

Whiskey Welcome Cocktail
Balcones Baby Blue - The first Texas whisky on the market since Prohibition
Balcones Texas Single Malt Whisky - Made grain-to-glass using a traditional pot still
Balcones Texas Pot Still Bourbon - Made grain-to-glass using a traditional pot still
Balcones Texas Rye
And some special surprises!

Ab0ut Balcones:

In 2008, Balcones was nothing more than an idea driven by a passion to create something original and authentic, right in the Heart of Texas. It all started in an old welding shop under a bridge in Waco...Come hear the story, taste the whisky, make new friends, and learn what you like and why you like it!

What People are Saying about the Bakersfield Whisky Society
I love being with great people and learning about whisky.  It's a chance to get out and taste whisky that we normally do not get a chance to try.

Mark D.
The Bakersfield Whisky Society gives me a chance to drink whisky that you usually can't find elsewhere.  If you are thinking about attending a masterclass, do it!

I have a lot of fun, get to drink a wide variety of whisky that I can't afford on my own, make new friends, and learn what I like and why I like it.

Dana Y.

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